An Alpek company. The petrochemical division
of Alfa. We are part of the Unimor family

The company arises in 1985 as an ecological strategy of UNIVEX for the use of raw materials.

Committed to the environment, UNIVEX innovates in developing this ecological and economically feasible solution while bringing raw materials towards a facility developed with reactors to produce sodium carbonate enriched with carbon.

Since 1985, our product is known in the industry as “black sodium carbonate” or “gray granulated sodium carbonate”, such distinctive color is generated by having 8% of carbon as organic matter.

Our product is used in the glass production, neutralization of acid currents, and recovery of non-ferrous metals. We are the preferred product for the lead recovery industry, from lead-acid weak battery.


Become a leading company in the production and marketing of Sodium carbonate, able to exceed the expectations of our clients, employees, and shareholders through a high focus on quality, service, and domain in our processes.


To position ourselves in both the domestic and foreign markets through the innovation and conduction of sustainable production processes, being the best choice to our clients and generating value through the quality in our products.

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Safety: Safety comes first.

Conduct our operations in a safely manner, in compliance with established guidelines and regulations.

Quality: Be in compliance with quality guidelines established in the quality policy.

Focus on results: Being highly attentive and responsible to our process, looking forward to greater efficiency and continuous improvement.

Focus on the client: We appreciate our clients.

We are consistently committed to learn your requirements, by providing products with the quality and excellent service you deserve.

Responsibility: Providing our employees with a working environment which promotes respect and inclusion.

We are committed to the environment and the contribution to the social development of our community.