An Alpek company. The petrochemical division
of Alfa. We are part of the Unimor family

We are the sole domestic producer of gray granulated sodium carbonate in Mexico.

Standardized quality

We ensure the values of our technical specifications through accurate measurements in our quality lab.

Always available

We are the producers and have no distributors. Our product is available whenever you need it.

Privileged location

Conveniently located in the Central Mexico for deliveries throughout the country.

Sales del Bajío is a company engaged in the production of gray granulated sodium carbonate, a chemical product of industrial application, used in the manufacture of glass, silicates, and recovery of non-ferrous metals. The facility is located in Salamanca, Guanajuato, México.

The company arises in 1985 as an ecological strategy of UNIVEX for the use of raw materials.